Don't Waste Money by not Hiring a Home Stager

Research proves that staged homes sell faster and for more money.  However, many people still think of home staging as something nice to have instead of a must have.  I believe staging your home is a must have in order to attract as many buyers as possible and to make as much money as possible in the least amount of time.  I have found that many people have some misconceptions about home staging that prevent them from hiring a stager before they put their house on the market.  One of the biggest misconceptions about home staging is that it is not affordable. 


When a seller puts their home on the market, they do not want to have to spend money to sell their house.  But frankly, you can't afford NOT to stage your home.  Buyers search for homes online, they look through many pictures and quickly weed out the ones they don't like in just a few minutes.  If they don't like what they see, they immediately cross a house off their list.  When selling your home, your online pictures are crucial.  If you have outdated paint colors, the wrong furniture placements, outdated kitchen and baths your home may not get many showings.  The first two weeks are the most critical when a home is on the market.  The longer it sits after those first two weeks the more buyers expect a price reduction.  Home staging always costs less than a price reduction and less than an extra mortgage payment. 


Buyers want move-in ready homes.  They want paint colors that they can live with, not feel like they need to paint immediately.  There may be a buyer out there that can see past the outdated baths and kitchen, but don't expect a fair offer.  If your home is perceived as a “fixer upper” (even if you don't think it is) a buyer will start adding up how much it will cost to update your house.  If a buyer wants to update your house before they move in, they are going to make an offer that is much lower than your asking price.  I know from experience.  My husband and I have bought many “fixer uppers” over the last 10 years and we have never paid close to asking price.  If you want an offer close to your asking price or even above, your house needs to be updated and in pristine condition.  A home stager can tell you exactly what you need to change in your home in order to update it and attract buyers. 


Most importantly, you don't have to get all new furniture, accessories and spend $20,000 updating your house before you put it on the market.  A home stager that is trained and certified knows how to accentuate the positives in your home and downplay the negatives. Home staging incorporates the furniture you already have in your house.


Here are some examples of how choosing the correct neutral paint color, having proper furniture placement to accentuate your home’s focal points, and using on trend accessories can make a huge difference.  In both of these homes, the owners' furniture and accessories were used.    


Choosing an updated neutral paint color, painting the trim and removing the mirror now makes this fireplace a focal point that buyers will love. 



Changing the furniture arrangement now makes this room feel balanced and calm.  A buyer can quickly see the amazing focal points of this home within seconds of entering, which is the goal of staging. 


Want to know how to attract more buyers when listing your home on the market?  Contact me for a consultation and I’ll show you how to update your space with simple changes that make a huge difference.  Stay tuned for more home staging misconceptions and how important it is to choose the correct neutral paint color! 


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